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Some of us are Sixers fans, but we will write and report as objective observers.

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About Eric Goldwein
Eric is Hoop76′s founder and editor-in-chief. You can contact him at hoopseventysix [at] gmail [dot] com or follow him on Twitter @hoop_76. His work has been featured on TrueHoop, the Slate/Deadspin NFL roundtable and Yahoo’s ThePostGame, The Gazette, The Express-Times, and The Lafayette. He graduated from Lafayette College in May 2012 where he studied economics and psychology.

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About Tom Sunnergren
Tom is a co-founder and editor of Hoop76 and you can find his work scattered throughout the NBA blogosphere. He has written for TrueHoop, the Daily Dime, HoopSpeak, and several other NBA websites. You can read Tom anywhere books are sold, as long as they have wi-fi there, and follow him on Twitter @tsunnergren.

About Scott Kunz
Scott is Hoop76′s web admin. He graduated as an engineer from CMU. To contact Scott for web admin/design/advertising inquiries, visit his LinkedIn page at Scott-Kunz.com (because yes, someone already took scottkunz.com from him).

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