Dec 16 2013

Aussie Rules

Much of the credit for the Sixers newly fast, 3-centric brand of basketball has gone to GM Sam Hinkie and the Rockets East mentality he’s imported to the City of Brotherly Love. Fine. But let’s not forget Brett Brown. The well-traveled New Englander likes the long ball, too.

art-brett_brown-620x349During his time at the helm of the Australian national team, the 76ers head coach demonstrated a decided preference for 3-point shots. Per FIBA.com, in the 2012 Olympics, where Brown coached Australia to a 7th place finish despite something of a talent shortage, 33.1% of the Aussie’s total field goal attempts came from long-range, which came out to an average of 24.3 3s each game. This is a lot, even in the context of FIBA play, and the approach paid dividends for Brown.

In London, his team scored 82.9 points per game on, again, 33.1% 3-point shooting. This compares favorably to other nations littered with NBA-level contributors such as Spain (30.0% of total FGA were 3FGA, averaged 80.9 ppg), Brazil (28.95% and 79.8 ppg), and Russia (32.4% and 77.9 ppg).

(If you like details, here goes: the Boomers orchestrated an attack centered on the passing and high-volume shooting of Spurs guard Patty Mills and forward Joe Ingles (Maccabi Tel Aviv). Indicative of Brown’s license to let it fly (and perhaps the Australians’ aforementioned dearth of top-level players), Mills concluded his six games of Olympic competition as the tournament’s leading scorer, at 21.2 ppg, and registered a mammoth usage rate of 32.99%.)

For better or worse (the bet here is on the latter) the Boston University alum has brought what worked with on the international platform to Philly. Here’s hoping he has the same success.