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Dec 18 2014

538: Bad Teams Stay Bad, Therefore Tanking Doesn’t Work

Here we go again.

Today over at FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver examined each team’s chances of winning an NBA championship over the next five years. The study is based on three factors: “How good is the team now? How old is the team? How good is its best player?” The Sixers ranked dead last, with a two percent chance.

This shouldn’t be surprising. The next two seasons are a total lost cause, even in a best case scenario. And as Silver notes, the study doesn’t account for future draft picks, salary cap situation, front office, injuries, and other less quantifiable information … Read the rest

Dec 18 2014

Stephen Colbert And The NBA

Colbert Iguodala

Colbert IguodalaThree years ago, a labor dispute nearly robbed us of the NBA season.

The selfless owners had been providing jobs for young black men and bringing communities together (at facilities they helped the government pay for!). But servicing the public came at a cost: $300 million, according to Dear Leader and then-Shooty Hoops Commissioner David Stern.

And so, with Donald Sterling and the other 29 philanthropists struggling to put food on their golden plates, they called on the millionaire giants — with their chains, posses, and hippity hop music — to make a small sacrifice by taking 50 percent of … Read the rest

Dec 16 2014

Fighting Losing Habits With A Winning Culture

Tanking — depending on how it’s defined — has been both a cause of, and solution to several NBA team’s problems. For the 2002-03 Cleveland Cavaliers, it was the ticket to the greatest player of our generation. For the 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats, it was the ticket to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

And for the Philadelphia 76ers? Well, GM Sam Hinkie is gambling that tanking — disregarding regular season wins — can work. That is, assuming the oft-maligned strategy is executed in a winning environment.

This morning, Grantland’s Zach Lowe took a deep dive into Philly’s “tanking binge.” The Sixers (2-22) remain … Read the rest

Dec 14 2014

Hello Furkan, Good Bye Ronald

Furkan Aldemir is finally joining the Sixers. ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that the 6-foot-9 forward from Turkey signed a four-year deal worth $12 million, with the first two years guaranteed. He’ll take the last roster spot from Ronald Roberts Jr., who was waived following his three-day tenure, a source told Sportando.

Aldemir, acquired with Royce White in July 2013, is a skilled rebounder with average athleticism. He had a 16.8 percent rebound rate in Euroleague/Eurocup competition, per ESPN’s Kevin Pelton (subscription required).  He won’t stretch the floor on offense, but he is an effective finisher (53.4 percent on 2-pointers … Read the rest

Dec 10 2014

Good Bye, Brandon

First Jimmy, and now Brandon Davies?!?!?!

Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Sixers are shipping Davies to Brooklyn in exchange for Andrei Kirilenko, a 2020 2nd rounder, the rights to swap 2018 second rounders, cash, and a minor player (Jorge Guitierrez?). The deal will save the Nets a bunch of money, and cost the Sixers nothing.

In all likelihood, the Kirilenko and his $3.3 million contract are getting cut. That’ll mean more minutes for Covington, and eventually, Furkan Aldemir!

It’s been real, Davies. We’ll always have … **searches YouTube for memorable Davies moment** … yeah, good … Read the rest

Dec 08 2014

Are The Sixers The 2008-09 Thunder?

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s inaugural season started ugly. They dropped 16 of their first 17 games – P.J. Carlesimo was fired and replaced with Scott Brooks after 13 – and some of their fans began to wonder whether their new team, the former Sonics of Seattle, was the second coming of the 1972-73 Sixers.

“I think it did reach a certain point where it was like, holy crap,” said Royce Young, the founder who now writes for ESPN. “’What are we in for here? How bad is it going to be?’”

Six years later, Young has gone from blogger … Read the rest

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