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Aug 22 2014

So long, Thad

With the 12th pick in the 2007 Draft, the Sixers took a lanky 6-foot-8 freshman out of Georgia Tech with a 4.0 GPA and a Greek-sounding name. I didn’t know who he was, and I wasn’t thrilled about him at the time, but in hindsight, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

That pick, of course, was Thaddeus Young. He hasn’t just been a solid mid-first-round pick. He’s been one of the most productive players of the last seven seasons1, and one of the best in his loaded draft class. Per Basketball Reference, Thad’s career win shares rank sixth Read the rest

Aug 08 2014

Anthony Bennett to the Sixers?

The Thad Young-Anthony Bennett rumor had been floating around for a few days (as part of the T-Wolves-Cavs blockbuster centered around Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins) but it looked dead yesterday when Adrian Wojnarowski reported that there wasn’t a third team involved.

Reportedly, it’s back on.

This could be a three-team trade, or a side-trade, or it might not happen at all. For now, it looks like Bennett — 2013 … Read the rest

Jul 29 2014

Kyle Korver and ‘the most unusual three ever hit’

Over at Grantland, Zach Lowe wrote a feature on Kyle Korver, the 3-point genius who, against all odds, has become one of the league’s most dangerous offensive weapons. He’s coming off a season where he converted 3s at a ridiculous rate of 47.2 percent, playing a career-high 34 minutes/game and helping the Atlanta Hawks reach the postseason. He also made at least one 3-pointer in 127 consecutive games, breaking Dana Barros’ record of 89.

And somehow, Korver keeps getting better. Though he’s 33, and heading into his 12th NBA season, he was one of the 19 players invited to … Read the rest

Jul 11 2014

LeBron to Cleveland … Lin to Philly? (Update: No)

Update: Jeremy Lin to the Lakers, and Bosh back to Miami.

LeBron is going back to Cleveland, which means all sorts of crazy shit is about to go down. Starting with …

Chris Bosh possibly heading to Houston. If that happens, Daryl Morey will have to do whatever he can to clear cap space, which means Jeremy Lin and his $14.89 million contract (and $8.37 million cap hold) are probably headed elsewhere. Perhaps to Philadelphia.

As Liberty Ballers’ Jake Pavorsky reported a few days ago, the Rockets and Sixers have agreed in principle to a deal that would … Read the rest

Jun 27 2014

Elfrid Payton’s 15 Minutes of Sixers

Elfrid Payton’s press conference began like all the others; the questions were part generic, part personal, part quote baiting. How does it feel to go to your favorite player’s (Allen Iverson) team. How do you think you’ll fit in alongside Michael Carter-Williams? What can you bring to the 76ers? Bleh Blah Bluh. Payton said all the right things about the Sixers and about Philadelphia. I was kinda starting to like him.

But then two minutes in, this happened:

“Elfrid. Steve Kyler, from Basketball Insiders. “There’s reports you’re going to be traded to Orlando Magic, how does it feel to go … Read the rest

May 13 2014

Feeling Left Out Of the 2014 Postseason

The ‘to tank or not to tank’ debate bombarded Sixers World for the last 15 months or so, and thank god it’s over. Hopefully forever.

The Sam Hinkie Plan™ prevailed and thanks to a mostly torturous (though occasionally exciting) 63-loss campaign, Philadelphia has 199 of the 1,000 ping pong ball combinations in the upcoming lottery. If the Sixers nail their two first-round picks, sign all the right free agents, and stay healthy, they’ll have a championship in 2021. Or something like that. The future looks a bit brighter, because they stunk this year. We suspect.

But let’s not ignore the … Read the rest

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