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Oct 22 2014

Owners Strike Down Lottery Reform; NBA and Sixers Saved

This morning, the NBA’s Board of Governors struck down a plan that would have put a used band-aid on the benign tanking tumor, infected the entire NBA, and probably destroyed the planet.

The reform, had it gone through, would’ve reduced the lottery odds for the NBA’s shittiest teams; currently, the last-ranked squad has a 25 percent chance at landing the first pick, and a 100 percent chance at landing in the top-four. The proposed lottery would give each of the bottom-four teams a 12 percent shot at the first pick, and a guaranteed top-seven spot.

This was very much a … Read the rest

Oct 18 2014

Changes At Hoop76

We’re almost two years into the Hoop76 experiment, and like the team we cover, it’s been a process. Some things have worked and some things haven’t, but we’ll continue doing what we can to add to your Sixers experience.

On that note, expect to see some more of us after a slow offseason. We’ll be bringing back 5-on-5, weekday game recaps, and may be adding some new features. As for the staff, most of the starters are returning. Co-founder Tom Sunnergren has moved on — we thank him for his awesome contributions — but Wesley Share will be getting … Read the rest

Oct 09 2014

Sixers Preseason Is What You Want It to Be

The Sixers lost to the Celtics 98-78 in their preseason opener on Monday. Nerlens Noel fouled out, and was all-around terrible (2-of-9, 4 turnovers), Henry Sims was even worse (3-15), and ex-Sixer Evan Turner was arguably the best player on the court (15 points, 10 boards, 6 assists).

Disaster, right?

Wrong. None of that should matter. It’s the preseason, and it’s one game, without Michael-Carter Williams. It’s a tiny piece of relatively meaningless data. But that didn’t stop anti-Hinkite commenter Buke from jumping to conclusions and offering this scorching hot take on the thread of the Sixers blog.

Take … Read the rest

Oct 02 2014

Take the Over On the Sixers’ 15.5 Wins

The Westgate SuperBook released its NBA win totals on Tuesday, and to the surprise of no one, the Sixers line is the lowest. And it’s not even close. Philadelphia is at a historically low 15.5 wins while the next worst team, Milwaukee, is at 24.5.

With that in mind, here’s some advice for all you degenerate gamblers: Stop gambling. But before you do, head to the ATM, call your bookie, and take the over.

Sure, Philly isn’t built to win this season. Their most accomplished players – Jason Richardson and Keith Bogans – may not suit up for the … Read the rest

Oct 01 2014

K.J. McDaniels Gambles On Himself, Signs One-Year Deal

Before the 2011-12 season, the Houston Rockets signed rookie Chandler Parsons to a four-year, $3.7-million contract, with the first two seasons guaranteed. It seemed like a fair deal at the time. Parsons, a second-round pick (No. 38), was given job security and nearly $2 million of guaranteed money. And Houston got a cheap prospect under team control for the next four seasons.

In hindsight, it was a landslide victory for Daryl Morey and the Rockets. Parsons exceeded expectations, recording 18 Win Shares the past three seasons. Per dollar, he was one of the most valuable players in the NBA. … Read the rest

Sep 13 2014

The Sixers’ Future Is Bright(er)

Every six months or so, ESPN Insider publishes its Future Power Rankings projecting how the 30 NBA teams will fare over the next three seasons. And every six months or so, we’re reminded that the 76ers of Philadelphia are destined for eternal mediocrity.

That was, until Sam Hinkie took over as general manager in May 2013, blew up the team, then stocked up on prospects and draft picks. Or so you’d think.

ESPN’s September edition of the rankings has the Sixers at 19th, which is an improvement from last year’s (25th) though more or less exactly where they’ve been … Read the rest

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