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Apr 17 2014

Talking About Practice

Change is afoot.

The season is over. The playoffs are starting. The draft is nearly here. With all these big happenings, um, happening, myself, Eric Goldwein, and Anthony Calabro sat down tonight to talk some Sixers.

On the conversational docket was:

1.) The Sixers’ draft plans

2.) The possibility of the Hinkie, that modest alchemist, turning the Sixers’ growing bundle of assets into a superstar

3.) Playoff predictions

Enjoy! (And, if you don’t, at least keep quiet about it–hand to god we’ll get better at these.)

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Apr 05 2014

So…Was It Worth It?

Image from @ScarletMcKfever

Image from @ScarletMcKfever

1.The 2013-14 Sixers will …

Daniel Christian: Be remembered for pioneering and perfecting the art of tanking. They accumulated young assets in need of playing time, they buffered the rest of the roster with fringe-NBA players, and they traded away two of their three best players at the deadline for next to nothing in terms of immediate help. This team will long be recognized as one that management unabashedly threw down the drain in hopes that the future assets allow the cultivation of a distant, young and sprightly core.

Angus Crawford: Have used the highest number of … Read the rest

Mar 19 2014

538 Reasons to be Happy with Hinkie

In the heat of the 2012 presidential race—actually, in the summer—when pundits on both sides of the aisle were split on who of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney was most likely to assume control of the executive branch of our dysfunctional government, Nate Silver was refreshingly clear. Obama, he asserted on his then-New York Times-hosted blog each day, had about an 80 percent chance of winning.

And then Obama won, and won in precisely the manner Silver predicted.

urlThere was no magic here. Silver simply ran the numbers—well, simply may be understating it: he looked at all the … Read the rest

Feb 12 2014

Michael Carter-Williams vs. the Rookie Wall

The rookie wall can also be seen from outer-space. (Photo courtesy of Sean Hawkey/Flickr

The wall is winning.


At the start of their careers, some players storm out of the gates. Michael Carter-Williams roared out of them on a flaming chariot pulled by coked-up velociraptors.

On Oct. 30, it seemed a new star was born. In garnering 22 points, 12 assists, 9 steals, and 7 rebounds in the Sixers 114-110 upset of the twice-defending champs, MCW posted the second-highest assist total of a rookie NBA debut, the most steals, and became the first player of any experience level since 1985–and the third ever–to record a line of 22/12/9/7 or better.

It was astonishing. … Read the rest

Feb 09 2014

Hoop76, Talking About Practice

Hey gang. Going forward, the Hoop76 crew will be posting a weekly–or bi-weekly, or possibly less frequent than that–video cast. We’re calling it “Talking About Practice.” Below is our initial episode, wherein we cover the tepid market for Evan Turner, Arnett Moultrie’s (now reversed) demotion to the 87ers, and our feelings on the first three months of the season. Enjoy!

(And be sure to check out the :30 mark, where Eric tells an absolutely killer joke!)

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Jan 28 2014

Don’t Trade Evan Turner

Courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr



While most of the buzz at Saturday night’s Sixers-Thunder game centered around Kevin Durant’s continued cold-blooded destruction of everything in his path–the Slim Reaper had a triple-double, well, because he does that now–there was also this:


The news that all apparel bearing the name of a marginally less successful former No. 2 overall pick was being offloaded at a steep discount triggered a frenzy of speculation on Twitter and the other corners of the … Read the rest

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