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Jul 15 2016

Could the New CBA Screw the Sixers?

The following is a loosely edited gmail exchange between Xylon Dimoff (@xylondimoff) and Bryan Toporek (@btoporek):

Xylon Dimoff: Welp, he did it. Kevin Durant, the 2014 MVP and quite possibly the league’s second-best player, signed with the 2016 Finals’ second-best team (sorry, I had to). It’s now the Warriors’ league for the foreseeable future, and NBA owners and fans outside the Bay Area aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of being rendered hopeless against another juggernaut.

Problem is, the NBA is usually prone to a bit of an overreaction: Kevin Garnett’s gargantuan, Bradley-Beal-sized $128 … Read the rest

Jun 24 2016

4-on-4: Finally-Sixer Ben Simmons & The 2016 Draft

The Colangelo Sixers participated in its first draft and we’re somehow all still alive.

1. Grade the Sixers’ draft:

Eric Goldwein (@ericgoldwein): B. It’s hard to do this without knowing any of the conversations that went on, but they didn’t make a terrible trade, and they ought to get credit for that. That said, passing on a worthwhile trade could be just as costly as making a bad one.

As for the picks, it looks like they had the right philosophy, taking a stash candidate in Furkan 2.0 and an exciting swingman in Luwawu. Odds are against Read the rest

Apr 14 2016

Recapping Every Single Horrible Sixers Game

So you may have noticed that we haven’t been recapping games at Hoop76 this season. Sorry about that. But to make up for it and catch you up to speed, here’s a one-sentence summary of every single game — all 10 wins and 72 losses.

October 28th at Boston: L 95-112 – Jahlil Okafor receives the Rookie of the Year award.

October 30th vs. Utah: L 71-99 – The Sixers place Jahlil Okafor on the trade block.

November 2nd vs. Cleveland: L 100-107 – TJ McConnell, in an effort to outshine LeBron’s 25,000th career point, grabs seven rebounds.

November 4th Read the rest

Apr 08 2016

5-on-5: Farewell, Sam Hinkie

1. Why are you so mad?

Bryan Toporek: The altering of the timeline is what gets my blood boiling the most. As Hinkie said on Zach Lowe’s podcast Tuesday, he asked the Sixers’ owners what route they wanted to go while interviewing for the job before delivering his tank-into-oblivion pitch. He presumably made each of his moves — particularly the Joel Embiid and Dario Saric picks in 2014 — with that long-term frame of view in mind. Suddenly shifting course after two-and-a-third miserable seasons, the second of which actually ended on an optimistic note (Nerlens beasted after the All-Star break, Read the rest

Feb 14 2016

Your Yeezy Trade Deadline Season Preview


It may be Yeezy Season everywhere else in the world right now, but in Philadelphia this week it’s Hinkie Season — otherwise known as the NBA Trade Deadline. Last year’s deadline was so insane that it nearly broke the Trade Machine himself. Let’s get to the major talking points leading up to Thursday:

Let’s cool our jets with the trade machine

Tweeting out your hypothetical deal that ships Jahlil Okafor to some far-off land seems to be all the rage among the kids these days (myself included!). But perhaps we’ve taken the trade machine a bit too … Read the rest

Jan 19 2016

A Chat (With Myself) On Jahlil Okafor’s Defense

The Jahlil Okafor draft pick has been nothing short of controversial since the moment Adam Silver announced it. Not only are Sixers fans stuck wondering whether Okafor could fit alongside incumbent center Nerlens Noel, but even more so if a ground-bound Jahlil would fit in a modern NBA defense. The pair got off to a disastrous start, but has meshed well as of late. The following is a brief conversation I had with myself — I swear it actually happened — about Okafor’s defense, his fit with Nerlens, and more:

So, how has Jahlil Okafor’s defense been so Read the rest

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