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Dec 24 2014

The Philadelphia 76ers’ 2014 Holiday Wish-List

Happy holidays! In the spirit of the season, I sent each member of the Philadelphia 76ers’ organization an e-mail asking what they want for Christmas. They didn’t respond, because I didn’t really, but here’s what I presume the gang is asking for this year.

K.J. McDaniels: A new house for his mom.

In case you haven’t heard, K.J. McDaniels has the best mom in basketball. K.J. (which, I assume, stands for “Killer Jams”) has gambled on himself this year, signing a one-year deal in the hopes that he’ll get a larger contract in restricted free agency over the summer. … Read the rest

Dec 03 2014

Hoop76’s Official Drinking Game For The 2014-15 Sixers

Tonight, the Sixers are in Minnesota looking to avoid going 0-18 and tying the (very recent, no one really bothers to point this out) 2009-10 New Jersey Nets as the losing-est team to start a season. Win or lose, this is one of those nights where you might want to kick back a few, wondering whether you’re watching a historically bad team, a really bad team, or a really bad team who narrowly avoided a historically bad start but still has the potential to end the season as a historically bad team. (But, Dario Saric!) So without adieu, we present … Read the rest

Nov 05 2014

Why The Sixers Are Seinfeld

Examining the team about nothing

On opening night, as the feisty, semi-injured Sixers were trying to gut out a season-opening win against the really, really genuinely-injured Pacers, the Comedy Central program South Park was simultaneously airing its 252nd episode. South Park premiered on August 13, 1997, less than two months after the San Antonio Spurs used the first overall pick of the 1997 NBA Draft on Tim Duncan. In the 17 years since then, South Park has essentially become television’s equivalent of the Spurs: extremely consistent, occasionally brilliant, and, as evidenced by the Oct. 8 Lorde-centric episode, still entirely … Read the rest

Jan 06 2014

Thaddeus Young, And The Benefits of Perimeter Shooting

What’s gotten into Thaddeus Young?

That’s a question that the Sixers – and teams around the league – would like answered. Since Young’s reported trade request in mid-December, he’s been absolutely sensational for Philadelphia. Saturday’s win against Portland was the sixth time in seven contests that he scored 25+ points from the field, during which the team has gone 5-2.

At the center of Thad’s offensive outburst is a common theme: the “Doug Collins held him back” angle. This has been overused at times, but in Thad’s case it’s worth exploring. After attempting 138 threes in the season preceding Collins’ … Read the rest

Nov 07 2013

The Sixers’ Surprising Goliath Strategy

Why a bad team is playing like a good one.

One of the most welcome developments of the first five games of this season is the sheer pace at which the 76ers are playing. This is a team that wants to go fast. Like: Usain Bolt, Formula 500, shaking-ass-on-the-freeway-cause-you’re-late-to-work fast. The Sixers are using 105.6 possessions per game, which … Read the rest

Apr 12 2013

The Final Tank Rank

Piston Powered updated the lottery projections on Wednesday, and there’s both good news and bad news for the Sixers. Their odds of landing the #11 pick dropped from 66 percent to 51 percent, but their odds of landing the #12 pick rose from six percent to almost 28 percent. (Again, these projections were updated on Wednesday.)

Tonight’s game against the Wizards could shake up the lottery scene. Washington is just two games behind Philly in the standings and its last game of the season is against a reeling Chicago team that could be resting key players before the playoffs.

The … Read the rest

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