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Jun 24 2016

4-on-4: Finally-Sixer Ben Simmons & The 2016 Draft

The Colangelo Sixers participated in its first draft and we’re somehow all still alive.

1. Grade the Sixers’ draft:

Eric Goldwein (@ericgoldwein): B. It’s hard to do this without knowing any of the conversations that went on, but they didn’t make a terrible trade, and they ought to get credit for that. That said, passing on a worthwhile trade could be just as costly as making a bad one.

As for the picks, it looks like they had the right philosophy, taking a stash candidate in Furkan 2.0 and an exciting swingman in Luwawu. Odds are against Read the rest

Jan 19 2016

A Chat (With Myself) On Jahlil Okafor’s Defense

The Jahlil Okafor draft pick has been nothing short of controversial since the moment Adam Silver announced it. Not only are Sixers fans stuck wondering whether Okafor could fit alongside incumbent center Nerlens Noel, but even more so if a ground-bound Jahlil would fit in a modern NBA defense. The pair got off to a disastrous start, but has meshed well as of late. The following is a brief conversation I had with myself — I swear it actually happened — about Okafor’s defense, his fit with Nerlens, and more:

So, how has Jahlil Okafor’s defense been so Read the rest

Dec 31 2015

The 2015 Sixers Asset Ranking

After beating the Suns and hanging with the handicapped Jazz, Philly came up with another win last night against the always dysfunctional Kings. And so, the Sixers are back to being a regular bad team. All it took was reacquiring Ish freakin’ Smith.

Might this (potential) turnaround cost Hinkie/Colangelo ping pong balls? It’s certainly possible; while the Sixers have four fewer Ws than the Lakers and six fewer than the Nets, things can turn quickly.

But that’s not to say that playing better basketball will diminish the aggregate value of their enormous asset collection. Player development — and more Read the rest

Dec 10 2015

Man Of Science, Man Of Faith, And Why The Sixers Are Lost

jackandlockehatch2Remember the middle of the third season of Lost? That was when Sawyer and Kate spent a ton of time chilling in bear cages, Jack was off tossing the pigskin with The Others, and two-dimensional, peripheral characters like Nikki, Paulo, and Phil Pressey were given major screen time. After two seasons of captivating mystery, the show was still providing more questions than answers. Viewership was dipping and even loyal fans were finally becoming anxious.

That’s when ABC executives brought in show-runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and said, “Hey, we should really start planning an ending to this thing. … Read the rest

Nov 24 2015

The Sixers’ Turnover Problem Is So Bad That It (Almost) Makes You Miss Doug Collins

The Sixers set a franchise record with 31 turnovers in last week’s loss to the Pacers, and in case you missed it and need a good cry, CSN Philly made a video of every single one. Two nights earlier against Dallas they committed 17 turnovers, a totally normal team total for a game. Except that was only in the first half. They finished with 27.

The combination of the turnovers and the 12th straight loss to start the season against the Pacers was so bad that it left some of the most dedicated Processors wondering if it it was Read the rest

Nov 13 2015

#SmallSampleSizeTheater: Early-Season Sixers Stats Of Note

Eight games into the season, it’s far too early to determine which statistics are trends and which are small-sample-size outliers. Last year, after all, the Atlanta Hawks started off 5-5 before notching 38 wins in their next 43 games. It often takes a bit of time for offseason additions to grow comfortable with their roles, leading to some particularly eyebrow-raising results in the first few weeks of the season. (See: The Nets beating the Rockets on Wednesday.)

Unsurprisingly, the Sixers once again have the league’s worst net rating (minus-13.8), largely thanks to a middling offense and a severe … Read the rest

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