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Dec 09 2014

Wrecking Ball Wroten

Tony Wroten is a special breed of basketball player. The 6-foot-6 ball of energy can turn his most ardent supporters into his harshest critics in mere seconds. One moment he’ll convert a dazzling double-clutch layup while barreling headfirst into a wall of defenders, and on his next possession he’ll chuck a no-look pass that ends up knocking over a fan’s beer in the third row. Watching Wroten is essentially basketball on LSD; his lively style is supremely entertaining, but is usually just an illusion that masks all of his inefficiencies and damage he does to his team.

Wroten, Memphis’ 25th … Read the rest

Dec 07 2014

Hoop76’s Sixers Asset Rankings

The internet loves lists, so this morning on Twitter I made one of the top 28 Sixers assets. I made a few changes, but below are my arbitrary rankings with some explanations attached. Sorry, no slideshow.

But first, the rules: The ranking is based on value to the Sixers and perceived value around the league. Age, health, contract, position, intangibles — everything factors into the equation. The list only includes players, and draft picks through 2017. Front office/miscellaneous personnel are excluded. (Hinkie, Harris, Sixers Twitter, Malik Rose, and future mascot all would’ve made my top 10).

And now, the … Read the rest

Nov 20 2014

Enjoy The Sixers For What They Are

Cherish this season. It might be the last one that doesn’t end in failure. 

I was recently asked about when I lost hope for the Eagles, and I could give the exact date. January 18, 2004. Eagles vs. Panthers. Our third consecutive NFC Championship Game appearance, and our third consecutive loss. Sixteen-year-old me couldn’t believe it. This was impossible. We put in our dues and this would be our reward. We were supposed to win. It was our right.

Ask any fan from any city, and they will be able to list off a litany of heartbreaks. But screw that, Read the rest

Nov 09 2014

Six Sixers Games, Six Takeaways

Because who would we be if we didn’t jump to conclusions after a week and a half. 

1. The Sixers Are A Semi-Competent Defensive Team

The Sixers rank 19th in the league in defensive rating, allowing 103.5 points per 100 possessions, up from the 107.5 (27th) last season. And the improvement might be sustainable. As I noted back in August, this roster is filled with length, aggression and shot-blocking.

2. Alexey Shved Can Pass and…..That’s it. But He Can Pass!

Shved’s 85.8 offensive rating is the lowest on the team by a wide margin. But he’s provided relief for Wroten … Read the rest

Mar 19 2014

538 Reasons to be Happy with Hinkie

In the heat of the 2012 presidential race—actually, in the summer—when pundits on both sides of the aisle were split on who of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney was most likely to assume control of the executive branch of our dysfunctional government, Nate Silver was refreshingly clear. Obama, he asserted on his then-New York Times-hosted blog each day, had about an 80 percent chance of winning.

And then Obama won, and won in precisely the manner Silver predicted.

urlThere was no magic here. Silver simply ran the numbers—well, simply may be understating it: he looked at all the … Read the rest

Feb 15 2014

5-on-5: Is This Rock Bottom?

Courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

1. Is this rock bottom?

Anthony Calabro: I don’t really need a deep dive into the numbers to know that losing back-to-back games by more than 40 points is rock bottom. Good news for the Sixers: A 30-point loss is progress!

Eric Goldwein: Yes. The product will get worse if/when ET and Hawes bounce, but so will the competition. The last two weeks have been exactly what #TeamTank signed up for.

Alec Nathan: It certainly feels like it. The Sixers have lost eight in a row, nine of their last 10. And since ripping off four straight wins over … Read the rest

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