Feb 13 2014

Evan Turner, the (Net) Plus-Minus King

Sixers internet hates Evan Turner, and understandably so; he’s whiny, uber-inefficient, and lazy on defense. There’s a lot not to like. We’ve flogged this to death.

But what if I told you that the Sixers were way better with blogger enemy No. 1 on the floor?

Well that’s the case, according to 82games.com. The Sixers have been a bad team (-5.9) with Turner, but a horrible one (-14.7) without him. That net on/off court differential (+8.8) ranks 27th in the league, ahead of James Harden (+8.4), DeMarcus Cousins (+6.9), and LeBron James (+1.4).

One reasonable explanation: the depth-less Sixers have a god-awful bench, one which Turner doesn’t usually play with. According to HoopsStats, the second unit is shooting 42.2 percent and a league-worst 29.4 percent from downtown (h/t, Alec Nathan). Sixth man Tony Wroten has -.7 win shares, which is the worst in the entire NBA.

Yet even if that’s the case — that Turner’s On Court/Off Court splits are inflated by a shitty bench — you’d expect Michael Carter-Williams (+1.8), Spencer Hawes (-1.8), and Thad Young (-1.3) to have numbers that at least approach Turner’s + 8.8. They don’t.

Now, this isn’t to say that Turner is an All-Star, or even a productive player. Any stat that ranks LeBron behind ET (or anyone) should be viewed with skepticism. But if we’re going to use our advanced stat ammo to criticize the former No. 2 pick — and we might only have a few more days to do so — let’s not ignore the ones that don’t support our point.

Wesley Share contributed

h/t DepressedFan commenter Xsago

  • robbybonfire23

    I hope the G.M. doesn’t see this and take it at face value. After all, there still might be a milk wagon donkey out there we could get for him.

    • JulianW

      Do we get the milk wagon as well? I know that might be a bit much to ask for Turner, but a man can dream…

      • robbybonfire23

        I just wonder how good a player he would be, were he not so lazy? And for the love of Pete, why they cannot stick him back at the SG position, is light years beyond me? It’s not like Tony W. has set the world on fire, back there. An NBA forward he is not.

        This is like the Phillies all over again – just never adapting to the reality of some key players performing way below par and addressing it, as in where have you gone David Bell, J-Roll our lead-off slug, Jamie Moyer our “clubhouse mentor” of the month, et al?

        • JulianW

          I will bow down at the altar of Hinkie if he manages to get a first round pick for ET…there has to be some incompetent GM out there to do it.

  • robbybonfire23

    76ers Total Points / XFG:

    1. H. Thompson 2.33
    2. T. Young 2.22
    3. S. Hawes 2.16
    4. J. Anderson 2.13
    5. E. Williams 2.01
    6. E. Turner 2.00

    7. T. Wroten 1.94
    8. MCW 1.83
    9. L. Allen 1.76
    10. B.Davies 1.65
    11. L. Brown 1.09

    To put the above into perspective:

    DeAndre Jordan: 4.83
    L. James 3.64
    A. Drummond 3.58
    K.Durant 3.20

  • bisquit7

    send him to OKC we will be more than happy to give you a milk wagon donkey

    • robbybonfire23

      Wow, I thought you guys were SERIOUS about winning it all, not just leading the league in “statistics.” Of course, with a contender, this Bozo would actually expend some effort – for awhile, before reverting to form – that I will concede to you.

      But, long-term, you’ve got a real plug, here. Anybody over there blocking more than one shot per month, because that is what you get with this clown – about 10 cents value per invested dollar.

    • robbybonfire23

      A tin cup will suffice.

  • robbybonfire23

    I could get a first round draft choice for E.T. just by picking up the telephone and dialing that sap who lives in Brooklyn. Now THERE is a short-term patching myopic who thinks he is just one piece away from winning it all – at all times.

    • Jackie Berman

      Lol which first round draft choice, you moron?