Mar 20 2014

First Sixers Tweets!

Good news, guys. There’s a new tool that lets you look back at everybody’s first tweet, which means it’s time to stalk some Sixers!

I was expecting some gems from Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes — Hawesovic on Twitter — but they disappointed. My favorite comes from Arnett Moultrie.

The Sixers account, now with 294K followers, debuted six years ago with this:

@MCW1 launched in 2010, back when the rookie was still hangin out with Santana.

Nerlens Noel used his first Tweet to shut down a recruiting rumor.

(That, by the way, is Twitter at its best. It can debunk rumors just as quickly as it can spread them.)

And here’s the first tweet from @CEOAdam, formerly @SixersCEOAdam.

There’s more below, but I have a feeling I missed some goodies. If you find any, put them in the comments.


(From what?)