Nov 17 2013

Hawes for Asik?

We’ve spilt quite a bit of (virtual) ink in this space in the last week or two going over the pros and cons of Hinkie holding a fire sale and flipping all or one of Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner and, gulp, Thaddeus Young. What we haven’t done is map out specific deals that make sense for the 7-6. This is okay because Michael Pina did.

Over at Bleacher Report this weekend, Pina hashed out a handful of proposals for the trio of veterans, but the one in particular really jumped off the page. Spencer Hawes for Omer Asik. In the author’s words:

Asik_Media_Day_Rockets_Dwight_HowardOne possible trade that makes sense for both sides would send Hawes to the Houston Rockets for disgruntled Defensive Player of the Year candidate Omer Asik. Why would Houston do this? For starters, Hawes would compliment Dwight Howard in the front court, thriving as a big who can spread the floor and allow various Rockets—such as James Harden, Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons—to take advantage of open driving and passing lanes.

If for whatever reason things don’t work out, Hawes’ contract expires after the season, so Houston would then be free to go in another direction.

The Sixers would receive a 27-year-old monster capable of anchoring their defense for the foreseeable future. Would this make them better this season, endangering their “goal” of having the NBA’s worst record? Possibly.

But it also gives the Sixers a stable building block who fills a crucial role. In the end, this trade would accelerate their rebuild, which is ultimately a good thing.

Though I’d be concerned about Asik’s ability to play with Nerlens Noel–and really concerned that the fact of his being, um, really good at basketball might complicate the Sixers tanktastic schemes–I sort of like this deal. Noel is far from a sure thing and, again, Asik is great; much betterthan Hawes. The Turk is, as Mike mentioned, a defensive dynamo who owns the boards: in his first (and only) full season as a starter he finished second among qualified players in rebounding rate. In a vacuum, the deal would be a huge win for the Sixers.

Anyhow, there’s some other interesting stuff in there–Thad Young to Dallas?–and the piece is worth a read.