Nov 26 2013

James Anderson Had the Best Game in the NBA This Season

According to computers, or equations, or something. 

I’m a little late to the party on this one–hey, I like to make an entrance–but there’s something, Hoop76 reader, that I need to bring to your attention: James Anderson had the best single game in the NBA this season. For real. James Anderson.

Old_computer_3Over at Boxscore Geeks, a Wages of Wins inspired site that compiles wins produced stats and churns out consistently fun (and often counterintuitive) analysis, Devin Dignam put a pair of posts up last week that listed the best and worst single games in the NBA this season by measure of Points Over Par (PoP); a figure that gauges a player’s value, in points, over an “average” replacement.

The leader, of course, was James Anderson, who Dignam and his statistical witchcraft declared was worth 20.8 points above a league average player during the Sixers Nov. 13, 123-117 overtime win over the Rockets. Anderson, for those of you who don’t have perfect recall of weeks-old 76ers boxscores, finished 12-of-16 from the floor for 36 points and added 5 rebounds and 3 steals that fateful night. Best performance of the season seems like a stretch, especially in a league that has LeBron James in it, but it was still a banner effort.

Two other Sixer-related notes from the rankings: Michael Carter-Williams appears twice. Once at No. 3 in the “Best Game”: category (for his performance in the opener against Miami) and a second time at No. 19 in the “Worst Game” category for his Nov. 3 dud against the Dubs. Rookies, man.