Dec 05 2013

Who Do You Like Better, The Knicks or the Nets?

Tonight we start a new chapter of the historic, totally organic rivalry between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets.

But as Sixers supporters, which joke of a franchise should we cheer for? The Knicks, led by the reckless James Dolan and a bunch of overpaid, ex-stars? Or the Nets, led by the reckless Mikhail Prokhorov and a bunch of overpaid, ex-stars?

It’s a tough question, but perhaps Track 14 on the Calhoun Kids For Kids Vol. 2: People Are So Beautiful album — hilariously broken down by Mike Pesca last month on Slate’s Hang Up and Listen podcast — will help you decide.

Give it a listen, then join me on the #TeamKnicks bandwagon.

  • hk99

    This year, I dislike the Nets more, so by extension, I like the Knicks better. The combination of having Billy King as GM, Jason Kidd as coach and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce as starters has me enjoying their early failure much more than I enjoy the Knicks’ failure. Having said that, since Boston owns NJ’s (unprotected) 1st round pick in next year’s while Denver owns NY’s (unprotected) 1st round pick, I hope NJ wins more games than NY to keep the better pick out of the division and conference.

    • robbybonfire23

      While I don’t dislike the Knicks, I am extremely happy to see the borough of Brooklyn back in at least one major professional sports league. The fanatics of Flatbush deserve to have something to cheer about. When Billy King is gone, things will pick up for the Nets and their fans. Until then, wow, look-out, Billy King is the most short-term, myopic vision G.M. in all of sports. He has mortgaged the fortunes of this franchise for at least the next five years. What a disastrous hire, especially when King’s abysmal track record in Philly was a matter of public record.