Aug 26 2013

Yahoo Sports: Sixers to hire Grizzlies assistant coach Lloyd Pierce

The Sixers got another Grizzly. Memphis assistant Lloyd Pierce, who was reportedly being considered for the head coaching job, will head to Philadelphia to work under Brett Brown, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports.

Pierce was an assistant in Memphis for the last two seasons and before that he was an assistant with Golden State. He was also a player development coordinator for the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2007 to 2010, so he’s got some inside info on LeBron. That’ll come in handy in 2018.

According to the 2011 press release that provided 98% of the info for this post, he played four years of international ball and made a stop in Australia. It’s possible that links him to Brown, the former coach of Australia’s national team, but a haphazard search of the internet revealed no connections between the two.

Fun fact: Pierce attended Santa Clara University (1994-98), where he played in two NCAA tournaments alongside Steve Nash. Here’s a box score from the 1996 tournament when the Broncos beat the University of Maryland in the first round. Steve Nash had 28 points and Pierce had 0.

  • jp

    Fun fact? Wow, you are an unprofessional hater type(some editor). One thing is obvious, he knows more about ball, has had more of a career than you, and probably could leave you at “0” in 1 on 1. Fun Fact- Goldweiner watches “Friends” reruns when the game is on.