Mar 07 2013

Arnett Moultrie’s minutes up. Lavoy Allen’s minutes down.

Arnett Moultrie played a season-high 26:45 minutes last night and even got in the game during the first quarter. For now, at least, he looks to have earned a spot in Doug Collins’ rotation.

As you can see from the chart below — which doesn’t include his December-January D-League stint — this is the first stretch of significant PT for the 27th overall pick. He’s making the most of his time on the court too, shooting an incredibly efficient rate (though not getting to the foul line) and showing off some semblance of a postgame. He has a real combination of finesse and power, attributes that Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen are lacking.

Online Graphing

Moultrie’s minutes are coming at Allen’s expense. The 2011 second round pick earned his first DNPCD of the season last night and he played just three minutes against the Celtics the game before. This seems like an appropriate time to point out that Allen, who signed a two-year $6 million deal over the summer, could still be on a six-figure expiring rookie contract. Second round picks like Allen are typically offered team options for their second year, but for reasons that remain unknown, the Sixers structured Allen’s contract in a way that allowed him to become a restricted free agent last summer. Two years, six million is still a relative bargain though it might be more than the Sixers would have paid had his contract expired after this season.