Sep 13 2013

Nets Analyst on Sixers’ 2013-14 Prospects: “OH GOD THE BLOOD”

Over at The Brooklyn Game, friend of the blog and out-and-out good guy Devin Kharpertian is taking a long and hard look at each of the Association’s 30 teams in the run-up to opening night. It’s a fun series: in addition to his own (smart/amusing) observations, DK taps an expert on each team to get his take on the squad in question.

Last week, Kharpertian fixed his gaze on the Sixers and…well, we’ll let him take it from here.

psycho_lStrengths: Philadelphia is a cool city.

Weaknesses: OH GOD THE BLOOD. Where do I start? Their best player is Thaddeus Young, who would be an ideal fourth man in a good starting five. Their projected starting backcourt of rookie Michael Carter-Williams and Tony Wroten Jr. may be the worst shooting tandem of all time. Their bench is filled with players that resemble a D-League lineup. They employ Kwame Brown, presumably by accident. Rookie Nerlens Noel, their most intriguing player, is out until at least December. This is the 12-70 apocalyptic hellscape franchise New Jersey dealt with in 2010, just with less Yi Jianlian and a better draft class ahead. Worst of all, Philadelphia isn’t even that cool of a city.

This is difficult to argue with.

Devin went on to acknowledge, as many have before him, that there’s a method to the sadness the Sixers will impose on the fan base this season–Wiggins, yo–but added that if the Nets drop any games to Philly “everyone gets fired.” (I think “firings” probably represent the muted end of the scale of potential Prokorov reactions to a Sixers loss: if the 7-6 steal one in Brooklyn on Dec. 16, there’s a good chance Billy King gets shot up with Krokodil and fed to a bear by Christmas.)

Anyway, the piece is worth checking out in full, not least of all because we contributed to it and waxed optimistically/hyperbolically about the future of the franchise under Hinkie.