Jun 27 2014

Remembering the Wiggins Rumors

End of night Wojbomb: the trade-up-for-Andrew-Wiggins rumors were bullshit.

As it turns out, Philadelphia never made a run at Cleveland’s No. 1 overall pick, league sources tell Yahoo.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) June 27, 2014

Wait … what? After all that, and nothing? Well, actually, it kinda makes sense.

Seems a little much, right?



Re: Reports that Cavs are asking for 3, 10 & 32 from Sixers for No. 1. If Sixers tanked all year for Wiggins, they have to say yes, right?

— Chad Ford (@chadfordinsider) June 26, 2014

So here’s where we all went wrong. People (Hoop76, partially included) assumed that Wiggins was the Sixers’ no. 1 target, because all the reports have been indicating that. Maybe the unnamed sources were right, and that the Sixers loved Wiggins. We’ll never know. But that doesn’t mean they tanked for him exclusively. Nor does that mean they’d sell the farm for him.

The point of the tank was to get a shot at a game-changing young player that’ll provide cheap labor for the next few years, and hopefully hang around a few more after that. In Embiid, and Dario Saric, the Sixers might’ve come away with two of those. The “3 + 10 + 32 (+ Thad and/or another first rounder)” rumors seem ridiculous in hindsight, but given that this is a team that’s all about buying low, selling high, and gathering assets, they didn’t really add up in the first place.

This was fun. Three final takeaways.. 1) the Cavs (or someone) put out a ton of smoke, 2) Hinkie won’t bend, and 3) No one on draft nights knows what Hinkie is really up to. Heck, not even Woj.

  • hk99

    By taking Embiid and Saric, after securing a 1st and 2nd, Hinkie showed that the entire draft still revolved around the Sixers, even though they had the 3rd pick. It seems to me that Hinkie makes moves that other GM’s wish they had the job security and/or patient owners to make.

  • robbybonfire23

    Congratulations to the Hoop 76 Mock Draft team. You beat The Sports Exchange, with a value score of – 411, to TSE’s score of – 450. (This measurement is for the top-20 draft positions.) NBADraft.net was up the track at – 546 points.

    Biggest miss for Hoop 76 was Vonleh, pegged at 4, taken at 9. TSE’s biggest miss was A. Gordon, pegged at 8, taken at 4.