Oct 18 2013

The Sixers are Brian Roberts

Sorry Brian.

Of the many colorful ways there are to describe how awful the Philadelphia 76ers should be in 2013-14, there may not be one more vivid than this: the Sixers are Brian Roberts.

Brian_Roberts_HornetsAccording to ESPN’s NBA Rank–the fun annual exercise where 200 odd basketball writers and pundits rank all the players in the sport, and then the Internet argues about it–the 14 players presently on the roster are all situated between No. 89 (Thaddeus Young) and No. 500 (Royce White). Their average ranking: 316.

This is quite bad–certainly the worst in the NBA by a significant margin–and its badness is perhaps best exemplified by this: the 316th best player in the NBA, according to the aggregate wisdom of the above mentioned rankers, is New Orleans point guard Brian Roberts.

Roberts, as a 27-year-old rookie in 2012-13 (he spent five years bouncing around pro leagues in Israel and Germany after playing his college hoops at Dayton), averaged 7 points per game on 41.7 percent shooting and, in 17 minutes per night, pulled down 1.2 rebounds. He’s best known as the guy who doesn’t play second base for the Baltimore Orioles.

So, finally, we have an answer to the question–how terrible, precisely, are the Philadelphia 76ers?–that will dominate the 2013-14 NBA conversation:

Sam Hinkie has assembled a roster of Brian Roberts.