Oct 07 2013

Sixers fail NBA.com’s offseason report card

As noted by DepressedFan.com commenter Tray, the Sixers received an F on NBA.com’s offseason report card. Frontcourt and Coaching get a C, Defense gets a D, and Backcourt and Bench both get a big fat F. Add it up and they are the NBA’s only team to record a failing grade.

For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure the grades are based on expectations for the upcoming season, not offseason transactions. The lottery-bound Bobcats, Kings, Suns, Magic, and Jazz were all in the D-range while the Los Angeles Lakers earned a C, despite replacing Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace with Chris Kaman, Nick Young, and Wesley Johnson. And the Knicks somehow got a B, even though their big prize this offseason was Andrea Bargnani.

Still, an F seems harsh regardless of the grading rubric. This one stings. Kind of like those clear jelly fish.

  • Asher Steinberg

    I think they are based on offseason transactions, though, at least in part, because Portland and Minnesota, two bubble playoff teams at best, get B’s, but Chicago gets a C- even though they should be about a 55 win team, maybe a bit less.

    • egoldwein

      Good call. I thought the Minny grade was maybe, sorta defensible as as far as 2013-14 expectations are concerned. But you’re right. Bulls with a C- and Portland with a B makes no sense at all.