Sep 12 2013

Hoop76 Programming Update

technical-difficultiesHowdy readers.

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a tremendous amount of content on the site lately. Our excuse is mundane: I’ve just started a new job and Eric is undergoing a period of professional transition as well, so neither of us have been as active on the blog as we’d have liked over the last month or so. Starting next week, that will change.

On Monday, we’re beginning a series where we’ll review the 76ers (stellar, unbelievable, peerless) offseason, then hop into player previews for 2013-14 before offering a few predictions that will ultimately prove to be so prescient we’ll probably get book deals and invites to swanky Scientology parties. “I knew those guys back when they were just bloggers,” you’ll sigh from a barstool one day while Eric gets profiled (again) on 60 Minutes. “Whatever, I heard they’re Scientologists.”

We’re also delighted to announce that we’ll have a handful of new writers joining the site in the coming weeks and months–including the (very) talented and (very) young Daniel Christian–and we’ll expand our roster further through the fall.

It’s going to a heck of a season, guys, and we can’t wait to get started. Thanks for hanging in there with us.