Nov 04 2013

Are the Warriors Ready for the Okie Doke?

The Heat sat D. Wade. The Wizards started hot, took their foot off the gas, and subconsciously assumed this young Sixers group would fold. Ditto the Bulls.

The Golden State Warriors are on notice. No more underestimating these Sixers. Take a moment to breathe, and MCW will steal your lunch money.

These Sixers are the darlings of the NBA (just check out the Twitter feeds of Zach Lowe and co). But when does each win stop garnering national media attention? When does it start getting real? I get it, we are still in the honeymoon phase with these guys. But soon the advanced scouts will have a book on MCW. Teams will force E.T. into settling for jumpshots. Spencer Hawes will come back down to earth. This will all happen … right?

Expect the Warriors to come out flying: hoisting threes, getting up and down the floor. Expect an early Sixers deficit. Expect the Sixers to take a few punches, get up, and hit harder. Will the Warriors understand this, or will they become the fourth team to fall for the okie doke?

Here are some things to keep an eye on tonight:

  • Can MCW do it again?: In your first week as a pro you beat LeBron, D. Rose, and John Wall. You had the most steals by a rookie making his NBA debut, led two second half comeback victories, and Magic Johnson thinks you’ll be the Rookie of the Year. Keep on pushing, young fella.
  • Three’s company: I predict 30+ three point attempts from the the Warriors tonight. That’s not that crazy considering Golden State currently averages 25 three point attempts a contest. And why not? Stephen Curry is shooting 59.3% from deep and leading scorer, Klay Thompson is shooting 52.9% from three. The Sixers are an athletic group. Defensively, MCW, Tony Wroten and Evan Turner have the length on the perimeter to disrupt Curry and Thompson’s rhythm. They’ll have to be quick, but disciplined on their run-outs to the three point line.
  • “You’re next”: Evan Turner has been texting some bulletin board material to his old buddy Andre Iguodala. While the return of the other A.I. may not be a big deal to some in Philly, Golden State is constructed in a way that allows Iggy to showcase his unique and versatile skillset — skills that for whatever reason (a bloated contract!) went underappreciated in Philadelphia.
  • Cameiros

    Nice analysis, Anthony.
    It will be interesting to see if they put AI on MCW…and how he responds.
    Lots of interesting sub-plots in this game.